Hello, my name is Sabrina Rospars. I'm an expat, I've been living in Germany for over 20 years after living in England for almost a decade. I am originally from Brittany in France. After working for a few years in events in the hotel industry, I started my career in marketing and communication within large companies. Over the years, I have been convinced that the true value of a company lies in its employees fulfilling their true potential.


My whole life has also been influenced by the belief that life is one big adventure and that I hold the key to making it great by becoming a better version of myself. Therefore, I used various personal development tools to get there.


Then came the moment when I realized and accepted that to go further, I had to ask for help. From that moment, I experienced great changes in my life, and I managed to continue to become the person I am today. While doing this work, I also realized that I have always had the gift of being an empath, which helps me see and feel in others what they may not even be aware of.


With my vast experience, passion and expertise, I am now thrilled to be the life transformational coach you can work with to optimize your life and access your full potential to achieve the goals you have truly set for yourself.